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3 Reasons to Print on Demand

Print on demand is an exciting way to produce books and is relatively new—only about 15 years old. It has revolutionized book creation and the publishing market, from family books to work by creative pros, to mainline publishers and academics. With sophisticated...

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6 Ways to Make More Money with Your Book

A lot of authors want to write a book, sell it and make millions of money, but in reality, it doesn’t always work that way. The royalty you get from books can be so small that it might even be hard to break even on the money you spent in publishing your book. However,...

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Impress Your Fans at Your Book Signing Event

As an author, hosting a book signing event is a great strategy to promote your book, hook new fans and celebrate the endless night and day that you have put in to make your book a reality. If you want to host a book signing event, here is how to do it right and...

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Are You Writing the Wrong Words?

My 10-year-old daughter loves telling stories, and she really liked embellish them with emotionally laden words that packed a punch. For example, her teacher didn’t speak firmly or shout – she’d “scream”. A kid at school didn’t push another – he’d “viciously smash”...

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The 5 Secrets of Successful Writers

Some writers think that success occurs in a magical moment when the stars and planets align for a particular person. But waiting for Fate to tap your shoulder as the lucky one places your chance to succeed in the hands of strangers. And, yes, it is just luck at that...

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