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How to Prioritize Your Writing Ideas

There are always too many writing ideas or not enough of them. Some days, we writers are so overwhelmed with ideas, it’s impossible to get anything done. Should you work on your novel? That essay you’re writing for your favourite magazine? You have an original premise...

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It’s Time To Get That Book Out of You

Whether you’re an old hand or a newbie who is serious about learning to write, the advice is the same: dig in and get that first book out of you. The do it yourself (DIY) phenomenon is about taking matters into your own hand. Projects around the house or garden? Do...

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Corporate Publishing is More than Just Printing

Every organisation conscious about its brand recognises that corporate identity comprises a varied selection of small, but very important, essentials that conjoin to send out a single, powerful message about its brand. When it comes to corporate publishing, it is...

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