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15 Creative and Easy Ways to Market your Book

Book marketing is one thing that is always on the mind of an author, but most authors feel like they can’t market their books without a large sum of money at hand and in the bank, which is not necessarily true! There are several ways to promote one’s book without...

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The ABC of Book Editing

In a previous post, From Author to Reader: The Line of Book Publishing, we examined the stages of book publishing. The process is a conglomerate of brains and experts who work together to get the manuscript from the author's desk into the hands of the reader. And the...

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How to Turn Your Idea into Reality

Every product was once an idea in someone’s mind. It might be a product like a bag, or a service like writing, or even a software; it became a reality because someone thought about it. And although having an idea can be easy sometimes, turning it into reality can be...

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Using Differentiation to Find the Big Idea

Do you find yourself at sea in your attempt to choose your big idea for the next project? Finding ideas for business, life and other career related issues presents itself as a hard task master. It’s worse when there are multiple concepts bugging the mind. This is so...

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How to Stem Book Piracy Using the Lean Principle

Book piracy is the biggest obstacle for publishing firms across the globe. Book piracy is described as an illegal and illegitimate reproduction of other people’s intellectual property for economic reasons, without prior consent or authorization. Forms of book piracy...

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How to Be More Creative in Your Writing

Here’s an age-old question: is creative writing an art or a craft? Artistically minded writers will say that writing is most definitely an art while those who who think more analytically will claim writing is a skill, a trade, and a business. My answer is that writing...

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