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Getting Inspiration to Write

As a writer, my head can be a circus sometimes. I can be locked in a conversation with a friend and something is said that sparks an idea that takes me on a flight of fancy. Anything said by my friend at that point goes in one ear and comes out the other. Sometimes it...

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5 Ways To Handle Bad Reviews

Getting bad reviews, and I mean a really bad review that is angry, vicious and unjustified (as if you killed their dog!) is an awful feeling. And believe me, whether you’re Stephen King, J.K.Rowling, or Dean Koontz, all authors will get them. But relax, breathe, and...

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10 Reasons You Should Write A Book

My first book isn’t even out yet and I’m already seeing the benefits. Here is just the latest example that popped into my inbox this morning: Hi Josh, I host an event where each month I bring in an author to speak about their book and I invite local entrepreneurs to...

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