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The Five Stages of Publishing Your Book

I’ll start with a disclaimer and some credentials; I’m involved in the submissions and editing process for Grimbold Books, my publisher. It’s a small indie press, which in many ways is wonderful – anyone involved get to do a bit of everything! But it’s really made me...

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Five skills everyone in publishing needs now

The world of work is changing rapidly, and the demands being placed on everyone in this digital age are far greater. As an HR director, the ‘war for talent’ never disappeared; in fact it is still vitally important that we are clear on how to drive high performance...

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What Publishers Hate

By Ian Irvine People often ask me to give an opinion on their writing. In most cases, when I agree to take a look at the first section or chapters, I’m astounded (and frequently offended) at how unprofessional their work is – full of spelling mistakes, typos, horrible...

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make

I have to preface this post by noting how easy it is to make mistakes when you’re on the road to becoming a published author. This is an emotional journey, and ego can sometimes get in the way. Then there’s the many details you must hold, which even publishers get...

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5 Benefits of Personal Branding for Authors

When I was growing up, my grandfather used to say, “Get an education because once you have it, no one can take it away from you.” I feel the same way about authors and their personal brands. As authors, once you build and establish your personal brand, no one can take...

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15 Marketplaces to Publish Your Poetry

Since there are hundreds of publications in the US and abroad that publish poetry, finding the perfect fit for your verses may seem a bit overwhelming. If you’ve been writing and submitting for a while now, then you already have a list of publications on-hand. If...

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