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How To Switch Writing Genres Successfully!

Writers often lock into one genre, whether by choice, at the urging of their mentors, or simply by accident. But what if you’ve had success as a poet, but you long to give prose a try? Or maybe you’re a suspense writer who is itching to try your hand at a Western. If...

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How to Build your Fan Base as a Writer

There is a business side to every venture and this is what most talented people forget. You might be William Shakespeare reincarnated, or a love child of George Orwell and J.K Rowling, but if you cannot get people to read your work, your talent is all useless. So...

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How to Build Alliances with Book Bloggers

Not everyone has a million-dollar publishing company behind them, not everyone gets a chance to have their works published in the biggest publishing companies in the world, after all, you are probably a relatively unknown writer and no one might be willing to take a...

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6 Tips for Marketing Children’s Books

Every book genre is unique, not just in content, but also when it comes to book's publicity and promotion. Children’s books, in particular, require a different set of tactics than other books when it comes to book promotion. Children’s books have a very different...

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