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How and Where to Promote Your New Book

By Catherine. Authors, you just published your first book. Congratulations! Now your publisher tells you they only will send out a press release announcing your new book and that’s it for book promoting. So, now what? How and Where do you promote your book? You could...

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6 Ways to Add Depth to Your Narrative

You might be surprised to learn that “seasoned” writers will still, on occasion, get this highly vague editing note: Add More Depth. This might refer to a character, a setting, a scene, and yes—even backstory (when appropriate). The following 6 ways are by no means...

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The Best Ways to Create Effective Dialogue

By Lee Gimenez As the author of 12 novels, including several bestsellers, I’ve found that the effective use of dialogue can greatly enhance your writing. Dialogue, when used correctly, can enhance your plot, make your characters come alive, and create tension and...

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5 Things You Need On Your Author Website

A website is a central hub of information and a place for you to guide your readers (and those who may not be readers yet) where to go to connect with you and most importantly, how to buy your books. If you do not have a website set up for your brand, then you are...

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Introducing Online Book Tours

When you imagine book tours, you probably see yourself going from one country to another, doing a book reading in front of adoring fans and signing physical copies of your published book while readers beg for selfies. Now come out of your day dream because this is not...

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Tips to Getting that Manuscript Published

Painstakingly writing a novel is not the end of your journey as a writer. You know how you write and then delete and then get stuck in the plot and write again and finally you are done? Well, that is just half the journey. Normally, your manuscript goes through four...

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