Write Your Book

Writing handAt Sons of Issachar Publishing, we don’t just leave you to write your book alone, we also offer authorial support in form of consultancy and editorial services to guide you through the process of developing and printing your manuscript.

Our ghost-writing service avails you the opportunity of having your ideas documented and refined by our award-winning team of professional writers and editors. Our work offers you time to focus on your areas of core competence while we take on the task of writing your book off you.

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Publish Your Book

coffee plus booksWe know that you have accomplished no small feat by writing your book. Now, let’s take it to the next level. We offer high quality total publishing packages suited to your specific needs; taking you from the point of conceiving your manuscript idea to holding your published book in your hands.

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Corporate Publishing

Corporate Publishing 3Your Call cards, Stationery, Corporate Profile, Brochures, Periodicals, Newsletters, Manuals, Annual Reports, Journals and other outputs deserve better than being subjected to the handling of charlatans. Through a strategic mix of ideation, creativity, conceptualisation, designs and the right technology, we transform your corporate publications into tools that help you achieve marketing objectives as well as long-term customer loyalty.

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Market Your Book

Book boxesBook promotion and marketing is one area where many authors and publishers alike struggle; and it is one of the many areas we excel. We pride ourselves on our ability to create the perfect brand that will go with your published work as well as the uncanny ability to take your book from the storage room into the hands and shelves of eager readers.

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Our Services At A Glance


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